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  • We believe in the curatorial approach to fine musical instrument retail—we

       bring only the best instruments into the store, care for them immaculately,

       and strive to pair every customer with their ideal instrument. We will never

       sell inferior instruments or send a customer home with an instrument that

       we don’t feel confident that they will love. We would sooner not sell a guitar

       than to sell the wrong guitar to the wrong person at the wrong time.


  • We believe in the craftsmanship, quality, and importance of handcrafted

       musical instruments.


  • We believe in standing by the products that we sell, providing customers

       with the information they need to understand and care for their instruments,

       and refunding the full purchase price of any product that is defective.


  • We believe that extraordinary musical instruments can, and indeed should,

       be available to the public at reasonable prices.


  • We believe that music is a fundamental part of life.


  • We believe in Prescott as a musical destination and community.

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